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Solutions & Services

A comprehensive wealth management plan is crucial to your success. You should only partner with an advisor who sees your vision, shares your values and who will pursue your dreams as if they were their own. Depending on your goals and stage of life, Beacon Private Wealth Management has the expertise and resources to help you chart a course to reach them. We draw from multiple resources to incorporate the "Four Cornerstones" of wealth management including:

Investment Management

To select innovative solutions to help you reach your wealth goals, we first discuss what is important to you. You are unique and so are our strategies. Based on your needs, your portfolio may include the following investment types: individual Stocks and Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Preferred Stock. When appropriate, we may recommend using one or several of the institutional-quality money managers that we have access to.

Use of non-traditional investments, like Real Estate and Private Equity, is one way that institutional investors have differentiated themselves from individual investors. For investors who meet the qualifications, incorporating non-traditional investments in your portfolio may help create greater diversification.


Insurance should be an integral part of your comprehensive wealth strategy. During the planning process we will look to see if you have any “financial blind spots” that could put you and your family at risk. If we discover anything, we will alert you to our concerns and help identify solutions to mitigate the risk. We also have available: Generational wealth-transfer strategies; Business succession planning; Executive compensation; Asset protection; and Charitable gift planning.

Estate Planning & Trust Services

Charting a course for your wealth to endure may be an important part of your comprehensive wealth plan. Whether you wish to leave a legacy to your heirs or to a favored organization, we can assist in developing a strategy to meet your wishes and maximize your wealth transfer.

We are happy to work with your existing advisors to help maximize your estate plan. If you don’t have an estate and/or trust team in-place, we can  introduce you to several resources for you to consider.

Banking, Lending and Liability Optimization

Available through our clearing firm, you have access to a variety of banking and lending solutions for individuals and business-owners including:

  • Cash Management accounts with ATM cards, check writing, and bill pay features
  • Securities-based lending with relationship pricing discounts
  • Business financing including lines of credit, term loans, and real estate loans

Liability optimization is an important part of a wealth strategy. For some clients, it’s figuring out how to eliminate debt as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. For others, its about using debt strategically to help grow their wealth.

Client Service & Communications 

Embedded within our services is our commitment to always demonstrate value to you. Every client of Beacon Private Wealth Management receives the following:

  • Commitment to understanding you and your family
  • Portfolio re-balancing
  • Continual financial education
  • Full access to my firm’s broad resources
  • Cooperation and coordination with your CPA, attorneys and other advisors
  • Protection of your privacy

Ongoing Communications with You

As a client you can expect to receive the following:

  • A personal portfolio review several times per year.
  • Invitations to seminars and events that I host throughout the year.
  • Invitations to conference calls with market commentators, portfolio managers, etc.

Electronic Communications

  • Web site access to your accounts, including optimized mobile phone access.
  • Timely investment and economic information from multiple sources.
  • My monthly email newsletter.
  • My website containing a variety of informational videos and whitepapers.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn where I frequently post fresh, relevant content.